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The Legend of Emperor Bud and the White Cat.

The Legend of Emperor Bud and the White Cat.

The Legend of Emperor Bud and the White Cat.
A long time ago, in a world ruled by Emperor Bud, who tried to subjugate all the peoples of Siam, there happened a story about a white cat, Li.

The Emperor, in possession of powerful magic, sealed Nirvana into a copper drum with the intention of ruling over this precious gift. According to legend, only a white cat with blue eyes could break this spell and bring joy to the peasants. Bud announced a hunt for white kittens, claiming that if they all died, nirvana would return and bring peace to people's hearts. People obeyed his will and offered white kittens as sacrifices.

In a quiet village, where Elder Chang's profound wisdom reigned, Li appeared – a white kitten with sapphire eyes. Chang saw something special in him and took him under his wing.

One day, when Bud was collecting the last white kittens for sacrifice, Chang decided to intervene. He came to the square and took Li with him. The kittens sat on the drum, ready to be consumed by fire. Then Chang whispered a spell and Li, as if realizing his mission, jumped into the fire. At that moment, when Li's paws and tail were covered with a dark veil, the copper drum burst and triggered Nirvana.

Nirvana spread around and filled people's hearts with peace and joy. Li and the other cats, who came out of the fire, started to get dark paws, tails and faces. His valiant sacrifice freed not only the village but the entire Siamese kingdom, teaching the people that true power lies in self-sacrifice and wisdom. These cats were called the saviors of the Siamese and were tasked with guarding temples and kingdoms. The legend of Li is a reminder that sometimes even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant creatures can make a big difference and transform the world around us. Their wisdom and self-sacrifice left an imprint on people's hearts, filling their lives with the light of Nirvana. Ancestor Katerina

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