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The legend of that half of the apple

The legend of that half of the apple

Once upon a time, long ago, people were much stronger and powerful than they are today. They had four legs and four arms and were so full of pride that they decided they didn't need God. They wanted to overthrow him and rule the world without him.

The Siamese cat, who was a wise and cunning creature, noticed the humans' arrogance and wanted to teach them a lesson. The cat went to God and told him about the humans' plan. God listened and decided to take action.

He called upon his power and split the humans in half, just like an apple. Each half was left to find its other half to become whole again. And so, the search for one's soulmate began.

The Siamese cat watched from afar as the humans searched for their other halves. The cat knew that love was the key to happiness and wholeness. As the humans found their other halves and fell in love, the Siamese cat watched with a sense of satisfaction. Love had prevailed over pride and arrogance.

Over time, the humans evolved and became smaller and weaker, losing their extra limbs. But the Siamese cat continued to watch over them, knowing that love and companionship were the true sources of strength and happiness.

And so, to this day, the Siamese cat is known for its loyalty and devotion to its human companions, reminding us that true strength comes from love and companionship. Katerina

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