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Legend about Siamese cat

The legend of how the Siamese cat was born

Long ago, during the time of the Great Flood, when the whole world was submerged under water, Noah built a large ark to save two of every animal species. The animals came in pairs, seeking refuge from the raging waters.

One day, a playful monkey named Mali climbed onto the roof of the ark and spotted a beautiful lioness named Siam, who was sitting on the deck below. Mali was immediately smitten by Siam's grace and beauty, and soon the two became inseparable companions, sharing their time and adventures together.

As the floodwaters receded, the animals disembarked from the ark and Mali and Siam, who had grown even closer, were reluctant to be separated. Knowing that they could not stay together, they prayed to the gods to keep them together forever.

Pleased with their devotion, the gods granted their wish by transforming them into a single being - a beautiful creature with the elegance of a lion and the mischievousness of a monkey. This creature was the world's first Siamese cat, and it would forever bear the names and characteristics of its parents, Mali and Siam.

From that day on, the Siamese cat became a symbol of love and loyalty, embodying the qualities of both monkey and lion. It was said that those who had a Siamese cat in their homes were blessed with good fortune and prosperity, and that the cat's playful nature brought joy and happiness to all who crossed its path.

Even today, the Siamese cat remains a beloved and cherished breed, known for its striking appearance and affectionate personality. And the legend of Mali and Siam lives on as a testament to the enduring power of love and the mystical forces that shape our world. Katerina

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