(NO*) Oriental Adore
About us
Hello, I'm a beginner breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats. As an animal lover, I have always had a house full of pets, including a parrot, dogs, hamsters, quails, geckos, and cats, while raising my eldest daughter.
When my daughter grew up and moved out, taking all her pets with her, my husband, son, and I were left to live alone. That's when my son asked for a Siamese cat, and it was love at first sight. I was captivated by their unique texture, grace, and stunning blue eyes.
As a beginner breeder, my primary focus is on responsible breeding practices that prioritize the health and well-being of my cats. I'm dedicated to providing the best care and love to my cats and their kittens to ensure they're healthy, happy, and make great companions for families like mine.
I'm committed to constantly learning and improving my breeding practices to ensure that I'm providing the best possible care to my cats and kittens. Being a part of the Siamese and Oriental cat community is a joy, and I'm excited to share my passion for these amazing breeds with others.
In conclusion, I'm proud to be a beginner breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats, and I'm committed to providing the best care to my cats and kittens while fostering a community of responsible and passionate cat lovers.

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